12 Tools That Can Enhance Your Essays

12 Tools That Can Enhance Your Essays

Writing can be hard for some students. Not everyone has the natural aptitude for coming up with unique ideas, using the right words and vocabulary and structuring a captivating composition. Additionally, you are also required to avoid spelling mistakes and know the rules of grammar to ensure there are no grammatical errors. If you relate with this, you may be wondering “what tools can help to write my essay for me?”
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Fortunately, these days there are so many great apps available that can enhance your writing:
  1. Grammarly

This tool is quite popular for proofreading and editing. It can detect all spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes and suggest the right variant to ensure your composition is perfect. What is more, this tool can also check whether there is any plagiarism in your writing.
  1. Daily Page

You are probably aware that the only way to improve your writing capability is by practicing regularly. If you find it difficult to form a writing habit, this tool can help. Daily Page emails a writing task every morning and the user is required to respond to it within 24 hours.
  1. Cliché Finder

It is necessary to avoid clichés to ensure your writing is exact and precise. As the name suggests, cliché finder highlights any text that you should replace with something that is more specific.
  1. Hemingway App

This app can make your editing and proofreading process so much easier. It makes the content easier to read. All you need to do it copy-paste the content into the app’s editor and it will suggest things you should improve to make it more readable.
  1. OneLook Thesaurus

What makes this tool different from others is its reverse dictionary. Type in a phrase or a definition and you will find a word that suits the context of your text. It can be really helpful when you cannot remember the exact word for something while writing an essay.
  1. Twinword Writer

You have probably experienced writing something but stopping in between because you got stuck. This tool can automatically sense when you pause and suggest a synonym instantly. It does not only save time but also helps write content filled with great vocabulary.
  1. Ginger

This tool can help you write faster and better. Its features include a sentence rephrasing tool, grammar checker, translation in more than 40 languages, a dictionary, as well as a personal trainer that creates practice sessions customized according to the mistakes you make to improve your writing capabilities.
  1. ZenPen

Zen Pen can help get rid of any distractions as you work on your essay; it has a “minimalist writing zone” that allows you to add quotes, hyperlinks and stylize the text. Once it is completed, you can copy-paste the text in another editor.
  1. ProWriting Aid

This tool is great to improve the readability, usage of adverbs and passive voice, and sentence structure of your text. The free version allows you to analyze over 3000 words.
  1. Tomato Timer

If you work best under pressure, Tomato Timer is for you. It has a “Pomodoro” feature that allows distraction-free work with a few short breaks in between. It is perfect if you want to improve your productivity.
  1. BrainyQuote

If you want to enhance your composition, it would be a good idea to add a quote of a politician, writer or any other famous personality. Brainy Quote features a large number of captivating quotes on a variety of topics. Just go through the website and pick one that suits your essay.

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