4 Points How Website Design Affects Content Marketing

How Website Design Affects Content Marketing

Website design is extremely vital for creating an arresting aesthetic appeal for the interface which will be useful in attracting more visitors. A well-designed website helps in making a positive first impression on people but the technique cannot work in isolation and the interface also needs absorbing content to build user engagement. People are trying to look for professionals who strike the perfect balance between both the elements to create highly productive interfaces. More and more business owners are looking for developers in their geographical location hoping that they will have a better understanding of their needs. For instance, a Canadian sporting equipment merchant specializing in ice hockey apparatus will look for a firm known for website design in Vancouver thinking that such a firm will be best-positioned to fulfill its requirements. In this blog, we will discuss how web design affects content marketing.

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1. Helps In Making The Content Easily Accessible

Well-researched and nicely-written content will generate good results only if it is easily accessed by visitors. Intelligent professionals plan the navigation of an interface in such a manner that a visitor arriving on the website in search of information finds a relevant piece of content quickly. Let’s again consider the example of the Canadian sporting goods manufacturer who has hired a Vancouver based web design company to target ice hockey players. The merchant can fashion content around the sport by providing useful information that players of the sport are looking for and the design agency will place the content on the website in such a manner that a visitor locates it instantly. Good design practices ensure that people do not have to go through various irrelevant pages before landing on the appropriate one and find the desired content in as few clicks as possible. Professionals are increasingly using drop-downs, hamburger menus, and search bars on each page to ease the navigation process. This also helps in keeping a visitor engaged with the website for a long time besides improving the chances of him/her returning to the interface again in the future.

2. Improves The Appearance Of The Content

Design can improve the marketing potential of a piece of content by improving its appearance. A well-written and informative post will lose out on readers if it is not presented in an aesthetically pleasing way which attracts people. Visitors like to read well laid-out content with neat spacing and segmentation so that it does not strain their eyes. Websites which provide detailed information and frequently post new content must also have a strategy in place for categorization according to various topics. The firm providing web design services in Vancouver which has been hired by a sporting goods business owner looking to target ice hockey players can create layouts with borders or boxes for the different topics that the website is offering information on like sporting injuries, sporting safety hazards etc. Visual hierarchy is another good practice that helps in guiding a visitor to the most important sections and designers must understand how the target audience is going to look for information and then present it accordingly with the most vital elements placed on top. This will also ensure that people scroll through a web page easily and spend time reading the content which will be helpful in improving the conversion rate of the interface.

3. Enhances The Reading Experience Of Visitors

The presentation of the content is not only affected by the layout in which it has been placed but also by other vital factors such as the colour scheme and typography. The font type, size, and color used for presentation have a direct bearing on the reading experience of visitors and simple and easy to read typographical elements will enhance the readability of the content. The Canadian sports goods merchant will lose out on potential clients if the Vancouver based web development firm does not factor in the ease of reading of visitors before finalizing elements like font and colour. The purpose behind creating a high-value content on any topic related to ice hockey will be defeated if readers find it difficult to read and abandon the website. This does not mean that professionals must always opt for simple fonts and use colours that are consistent with the overall design scheme of a page. They can identify projects that allow for innovation and use unconventional colour and typographical elements to drive user engagement.

4. Visual Elements Can Positively Affect User Engagement

The textual matter needs to be embellished with visual elements to increase its appeal as well as make it more easy to understand. People scan websites rather than reading the content displayed on them and using visual devices like images, GIFs, video clips and infographics will be helpful in catching their attention and encouraging them to read the accompanying post. Take the example of the sporting equipment manufacturer who has hired a firm specializing in website design in Vancouver. The agency can insert graphs or charts about statistics related to low-quality apparatus causing injuries in an article on the topic to drive home the point about the need for high-quality protective gear in preventing them. Once a reader’s eye catches the message in the chart, he/she will naturally be encouraged to read the whole post to know more about the matter. This will improve the engagement of the user with the platform which in turn can prove to be valuable in enhancing the conversion rate.    


The content marketing efforts of an organization like the sporting goods manufacturer of our example who has engaged a firm specializing in website design in Vancouver will generate even better results if the design strategy incorporates the ways to maximize the content’s potential.

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