5 free GPS for iPhone Android and Windows Phone


5 free GPS for iPhone Android and Windows Phone

You have to go on vacation or weekend soon, and you do not know which GPS application to use? The editorial staff of Telecharger.com has reviewed all free GPS on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone and has selected five that should meet your expectations. Connected, with traffic info in real time, or integrating the mapping available offline, is it still mandatory to go to the cashier to benefit from a good GPS application?

Google Maps


Become a must in the world of connected GPS, Waze, acquired by Google in 2013, is one of the most used GPS applications. And for a good reason, the app is fully connected and offers cartography constantly updated thanks to the journeys made by the community of drivers. Ideal to avoid traffic jams and other incidents on the road, Waze relies on the information that users put back to it to adapt your route and offer you the optimal path. Whether you're just slowed down or an accident reported by multiple users, Waze excels at being responsive without you having to worry about anything.

The cartography is downloaded on the fly and requires you to have a package including an Internet envelope. Waze has full voice guidance and audible alerts in case of danger. Reported by other members of the Waze community, these hazards can be of several kinds: stopped vehicle, dead object or animal on the tracks, pothole, work, accident, localized weather event, etc.

Here We Go

Formerly Here Maps, Here We Go is one of the only, if not the only, free GPS that works entirely offline. With no advertising, Here we Go brings together the detailed itineraries of all your means of transport (car, bicycle, public transport, walking, etc.) within a clear and easily manipulated interface.

The application has nothing to envy to a paying app of the same kind. It can run on a similar model to Waze's, downloading mapping data on the fly, but also offers to save the maps for local storage on your device. If it is possible to download the complete map of a country, Here WeGo, for the sake of saving storage space, also proposes to restrict the downloading of a map to a given region. The application includes a complete voice guidance function, in several languages ​​that can be downloaded. Connected to the Internet, the application can retrieve valuable information such as the state of road traffic, but also the many points of interest that surround you.

Here WeGo also has several partnerships with giants like TripAdvisor, BlaBlaCar, or Expedia to help you find a good table near you or to find a carpool on your way.


Google Maps

A true GPS app to do everything, Google Maps allows you to search for a route as well on foot as by public transport or by car. The application integrates indeed a navigation system with complete voice guidance to accompany you on the road. Based on Google's excellent mapping, but also on the Waze app's traffic info, Google Maps can automatically calculate a replacement route based on traffic conditions.

The navigation mode mapping interface is clear and makes it a point of honor to make your route easier to understand: for example, a lane indicator is suggested to prevent you from missing an exit or a junction. Google Maps is extremely convenient if you have to change directions to stop at a restaurant or gas station. A tap on the search icon allows you to quickly find gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and other cafes, without having to enter text through voice search. And if you had to use the app without an Internet connection, Google Maps lets you download the maps you need locally.


Mappy GPS Free is no more. The route planning service has removed its GPS application to consolidate the features it offers within its main Mappy app (except for Windows Phone). It allows you to plan your routes by comparing all modes of transport. The application takes into account the real-time traffic to guarantee a precise journey time. The different routes offered by Mappy are listed directly under the simulated route and are accompanied by suggestions for alternative transport (public transport, self-service cars, taxis, and even a bicycle). The navigation function, still in test phase, fulfills its task perfectly.

By grouping the GPS guidance module with the route planning application, Mappy becomes extremely complete and offers functions that are mostly absent from competitors, such as the possibility of displaying the travel time for the various means of transport supported, or estimate the cost of the journey by car by informing the size of the vehicle, or its fuel.


Based on OpenStreetMap free mapping, Maps. I offer users the ability to download maps for offline use. Importantly, if your device has little room to store maps, Maps.me does not require you to download the entire map of a country. Maps. Me cartography can be downloaded at the scale of a country, a region, a department and even a city, all for free. All maps of the app are updated regularly using data reported by millions of contributors to OpenStreetMap.

Original function, even unique, Maps. Me, in addition to proposing itineraries by car, can create bike routes, thus ensuring you to take routes adapted to this mode of travel, and this anywhere in the world. The application includes many other services for example to order an Uber race or to make a hotel reservation via Booking.com, all directly from the application.
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