Advantages and Disadvantage Of Technology At The Workplace

Advantages and Disadvantage Of Technology At The Workplace

Technology is used in every industry and company to achieve particular tasks. It changes the way of doing business.

It brought some gadgets and devices in the industry which can decrease the difficulty of the human being and it can cause because of doing too much work.

The technologies which are used in Business are computers, tablets, social networks, customer management applications, accounting software and virtual meeting software.

So many gadgets and devices also used in industries but now they have removed and facilitated for movement of information which make the quick decision in the organisation.

Using technological gadgets and devices in the firm has advantages as well as disadvantages which are mentioned above.

Here some points are given that explained that how technology is useful in the organization and how it creates a problem in the industry.
Advantages and Disadvantage Of Technology


The advantage of Technology in the organization


1. Technology Improves Communication

Most of the organization are using different types of communication technologies in the business. This technology changed the way their workers communicate and interact at the work.

At the work, employees are using various communication devices and apps to exchange information and interact with each other. For example, in an organisation, there are different types of departments.

Employees from this department can easily share information through new text messaging and videoconferencing app like imo, WhatsApp and Skype.

Skype is the virtual communication app which is used to share information. These apps can also help employees to share different projects.

This application is used in different departments for making a group decision. Communication tech is used in the department of customer service to give better service.

2. Technology Encourage Creativity And Innovation

In any organization, Workers are using different business tech to develop innovative ideas which are used in business expansion and growth.

Many of the organization had generated technological reward and challenges for the workers who give creative ideas. Workers are using the internet to promote business online.

Social networks enterprises such as Facebook, Instagram and many others are used by workers to interact and socialize with other workers from different companies.

Because of this interaction, the exchange of information takes place and many work-related issues can be solved and it also encourages brainstorming.

3. Human Resource Management Improves

Technologies in an organization are changing the way of doing work that managers of human resource department are doing. It brings a change in the step of recruiting, screening and hiring a new worker.

Many managers of human resource department are using the internet for advertisement of job openings.

And they select only targeted candidates to apply for a job online by submitting their information and details to the manager of human resource.

Because of these process, the time of manager and employees save and it makes work easier for the managers.

It also uses to track productivity and performance of employees at the work. And from which employees productivity will increase because they know aware that they are under CCTV surveillance than.

Disadvantages of Technology in the organization

1. Technology Causes Distraction at the Work

Technologies are distracting employees at the work through various gadgets and devices.

Due to more use of the new social networks at the work can affect the productivity of workers and also causes so much distraction.

Many organization has decided to block access from various websites and apps like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook because they cause unlimited distraction.

Some another business technologies that can cause a distraction at the work are computers, smartphones, virtual meeting applications such as Skype and imo.

2. High Maintenance Costs

Technology is very expensive to purchase and maintenance of new technological devices and gadgets are very costly.

Many of the small organisation can't afford the budget to hire a technical person for the full time.

If technological devices and gadgets such as computers which are not well maintained than their performance may decrease.

However, the process of purchasing new computers and other business technological devices and gadgets are more expensive.

3. It Makes workers Lazy

Because of more use of technological devices and most of the tasks are become automated which makes many employees lazy at the work.

It is killing the skills and creativity of employees. Even simple tasks such as tracking inventory and calculating sales are done with the help of computers.

Now, you can see that workers do not use their brains at the work and they can’t solve business problems.

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4. It Affects  Relationships At Workplace

Employees are communicating with each other with the help of virtual video conferencing apps, text messages, email and smartphone.

This communication devices and gadgets eliminate the face to face communication. These communication tools are very important for the relationship of workers who are working at building work.

Because workers get a oppurtunity to know each other and sometimes they can also share information which is not related to work.

Employees become self-centred and more reserved because of new devices and they get buried in their work which is very harmful to business.
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