Being a Middle Class You Always Worry About

Being a Middle Class You Always Worry About

So Guys, Being middle class is like never-ending the curse. You are on a never-ending roller coaster ride. You abstain from all the benefits that a poor will get from the government and you cannot enjoy life like rich do. You are almost hanging in between. Their life is a never-ending battle until after seven or eight generation when they become rich.


They struggle in school, they struggle with values, they struggle in office, they are an all-time struggler until they have achieved something in life. Middle-class people are not born with a silver spoon; they must create a silver spoon for themselves.


It’s like a do and die situation for them. They should excel in something before they can lead their life peacefully. Or else they will be worrying about everything in life until they have achieved it.


When a child is born in a middle-class house, they worry about the expenses they need to bear for his birth. Whether they should book a room in a private hospital or a government hospital. Once born, parents decide whether a child will wear a diaper or cloth.


They may say that cloth is more comfortable and hygienic for the child however in actual they are worried about the cost they need to bear of buying expensive diapers for their child.

Once the child grows a little bit, their parent struggles to get him admission into a good government school. A private school would mean ever hiking fee which will be a burden for life.

Student Life

Then in their student life, a middle-class student will never be able to have access to the latest gadgets hence they only rely on books and what’s taught in school. They generally are brainwashed to try for IAS or PCS.


With this mentality, they generally end up taking arts in their graduation. The struggle does not end here. They cannot keep sitting at home for multiple trials. Straight after graduation, they should be placed while they can try in parallel.


By mistake, if the child thinks of doing engineering or wants to become a doctor, he must pass the entrance test to get a free seat or else how will he or his parents pay a hefty amount of paid seat.

They cannot afford heavy tuitions to train themselves for higher exams. They generally start earning at an early age to support themselves and their families. They can only dream of living the life they have dreamt of, around in their early forty’s.


At this age, they are already burdened with a wife and two kids (going by general middle-class norms). Have lost all their energy and zeal to live their own life. Although every generation can be a bit better than the last one it’s still a long journey before middle-class people could stop worrying.


I don't know that you are rich or poor, but I have come from a middle-class family and we face many problems in society. I survive and take care to my family through blog writing. I write a blog for Viral Telecast.

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