Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s curs

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s curse

The murder of an art gallery owner, an assassin, and a painting that goes missing. Everyone is busy with their lives in the beautiful city of Paris, but for George Stobbart and Nico Collard, it is a new day with a new case to be resolved. Broken Sword is now back with the all-new Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse.

It has been quite some time since George and Nico have last solved a murder mystery. Both started their own ventures. George became an insurance agent, however, Nico went on with her career of journalism. George’s company insured a showcase of a painting gallery and a man got murdered for a painting. George somehow feels obligated to look into the matter and solve it. That’s what brings the two together to figure out the reason behind this gruesome murder. George, as usual, uses his logical problem-solving ability and Nico her charm and wit.

You will find the story fascinating, quite smart, and also humorous. George and Nico are busy investigating the reason behind the murder. In the meantime, you will also see the blooming love affair between the two. You will come across an ex-Russian mobster and a few assassins while trying to solve the mystery. As the game progresses you will encounter an antiquated conflict between Dominican and Gnostic Christians and their main focus the La Malediccio painting. It seems the painting which made the victim lose his life hides a lot of secrets.

This game can be easily played, you simply need to use the mouse cursor to make the movements and also to speak to people, touch objects, pick up any items from the inventory. You will see many items throughout the games, which you can store as an evidence. These pieces of evidence will then help you to find the truth out of people that you suspect. Things like nail clippers, a paper clip, and more can also be stored. All these objects will help you to solve the case.

George and Nico’s multiple visits to Paris and London

How you secure those items, is entirely up to you. Sometimes you will be left with bare minimum clues, which will force you to search everything carefully to find more shreds of evidence. The evidence is necessary to drag information out of the people you suspect. Items that you store in the inventory can be used to build a conversation with people and while doing that sometimes it could lead to a humorous result.

The game won’t advance unless and until you find all the necessary clues and item. You will find almost everything in the inventory to solve the case, if you fail to do so, you can search the environment to get hold of more clues and hints. If ever you fail to find hints or stumble in between, you can use the hint key. If you still struggle, then the final hint will solve the entire puzzle for you. If you are a fan of PC games and want a gaming laptop then go via Couponscurry and buy a Flipkart gaming laptop at an extraordinary price. Try to solve Broken Sword 5 on your brand new laptop.  

The best part about this games is that the entire game is colourful and is designed with beautiful hand-painted graphics. If you are a PlayStation lover, then some of the graphics could be less appealing aesthetically. The characters in Broken Sword are extremely hilarious, highly entertaining and also interesting which keeps the gamer engaged throughout the day.

Geroge and Nico all set to solve the latest murder mystery

Sergeant Moue will be returning again who is the lapdog of Inspector Navet and helps in inspecting the surroundings. While playing the games, you will also come across an unavoidable French man who is the guard of an empty café and quotes some philosophical advice throughout the game. These kinds of character make the game even more engaging and the chemistry between the duo (George and Nico) convinces us about their long-time history.

You will also find a map which will help you locate destinations and areas. You will never lose your way with the help of a map. Even if you do, the game will alert you. The linear focus could become a turn off for a few, but if you go my experience, it helped me to move on at a steady pace.

The comeback of George Stobbart

The Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse leaves no stone unturned to entertain the gamer. The beautiful graphics and humour are surely going to make people enjoy the game more. If you are feeling bored and love to solve a murder mystery, then this is the game to look for. Go and buy pc games online India via CouponsCurry and save some money. Games are the best way to kill time and playing a murder mystery is definitely the best way to keep ourselves busy. The Serpent Curse is surely a must try, the duo protagonist and their chemistry, the mysterious death of an art gallery owner, the never-ending adventure are some of the reason why you should not miss it.

Every player has its own taste, however, the return of George Stobbart is definitely something to look for.
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