Difference Between Air Conditioners And Air Coolers

Difference Between Air Conditioners And Air Coolers

For people who live in the warm and tropical area are always in need of the air conditioners. Therefore, they have coolers and air conditioners. They keep their homes clean, neat and airy so there is no suffocation.

Difference Between Air Conditioners And Air Coolers

Both of the equipment requires electricity to run thereby making the room cooler. Even though they are wide apart from each other, the functionality of air conditioner and air cooler is just the same – providing fresh air.

Today in this blog, we are going to share with you what is the difference between the air conditioner and the air cooler. To find out more, keep scrolling!

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  • An air cooler is a machine that only cools the air. It happens because of more humidity. One can quickly drop the temperature of the dry air by adding water inside the cooler that will create water vapour.

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  • Now, the air conditioner is also known as AC is the necessary equipment that you will find in offices and home in large number. People all over the world use AC during the scorching days of summer.

  • The critical difference between air cooler and an air conditioner is that the former will only give you the cooler air while the later will provide you with warm air during the cold days.

  • A cooler is also called evaporative cooler, desert cooler, swamp cooler and much more.  The evaporative technique is used that will produce the cooler air.

  • Air conditioners have the tendency of providing you with the fresh air since it has air purifiers installed in it. In addition, not every air cooler is portable some are heavy enough to carry. However, air conditioner there is a portable option available.

  • Air conditioners also transport the air in all the corners of the room. While the air cooler does not spread the air in all place.

  • In general, comparison, the air coolers are much cheaper than the air conditioner units are. Even the installation of AC is costly. It also keeps the room fresh and odourless.

  • Air cooler does save energy consumption, but nowadays there are air conditioner units that provide you affordable energy consumption thereby reducing the electricity bill.

  • Depending on one’s budget and preference, one can opt air conditioner or an air cooler unit. Consider the above difference that will help you in making the ideal choice.
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