How to find out the Actual Age Of your Website

How to find out the Actual Age Of your Website


Search engine optimization is the process of working with various technical and content factors to improve the rankings of websites on search engines. It takes into account a number of things. These factors exceed up to 100. When working with such a large number of factors, websites must prioritize the factors that matter for them the most. This is why SEO techniques are developed. These SEO techniques include but are not limit to guest writing, back linking, keyword density, no plagiarism, grammar and more. One SEO factor includes the age of your website. But what does website age mean? How it plays out in search engines? How to check it? Read on to find out in more details. Click on the below mentioned link to check your domain age:

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What is a website’s age?

When you decide to purchase a website, it includes a number of things. It is not just the coding or software like WordPress that you create the website contents on but also the website hosting and domain. Think of website as an entity. This entity is home. To reach your home, people need to take certain paths. The paths that lead to your website is the domain. It leads to your website. Every website has a different name. This name must be unique to always lead to the right home. No two homes can have the same address. Next comes the website hosting. Think of this as all the storage in your home. By purchasing hosting, you purchase space to exist on the web. Otherwise all the load would be on your computer.

By registering your name, you can create a website that uses this name to lead to its contents. The number of months you have purchased the domain is your website’s age. However, that is not the full definition of it. You will find more about it in the next sections.

Is website age important in SEO?

Everything when done timely and controlled is relevant in SEO. Out of all the factors that matter in SEO, some matter more than others. The ones that matter more should be started with. So you can work on creating content with no grammatical errors, a 2- 3% keyword density and then add back links. Website age is one of the factors that are debated the most. But if you put it simply, the reality is not complex. We will explain how.

Like mentioned above, website age is not limited to the number of months or years a website is purchased by you. Just because you have a domain name does not mean a website on the web exists that leads to your website. Therefore, this is a common misconception that website age is limited to the number of years or months a website name has been purchased. It is linked with the number of months or years a website has been indexed by Google. Don’t worry if you don’t know what Google indexing is. We will go in detail for that.

Search engine

Google and other search engines like Bing are assigned the job of browsing the internet for the best possible and relevant content for a keyword. To keep a check for what websites can and can’t be shown on a search engine result, search engines maintain huge databases. Entering this database is done through the process of Google crawling and indexing. Google has an internet bot known as Google crawler. The job of this bot is to see all the websites on the internet, browse their pages and forward the information to Google’s database. After the bot has done that, this information is stored in Google’s database. This storing of data is known as Google indexing. So if your website is indexed, you can be seen at Google’s search engines officially. This process can take as few as 6 hours and as many as 6 weeks. If not done in a longer period of time, you can ask Google Search Engine Console to request a crawling of your website. When you are indexed on Google, this is when you start to exist for search engines. It is from then point on your number of months matter for the search engine and for the domain of your age. To put precisely, your website’s age is the number of months or years your website has been indexed by Google.

How does website age affect SEO?

Website age affects your search engine rankings. It is debated a lot to what extent is your ranking affect. However, this should not be that big of an issue. It can be resolved right away as we will show.

You should know some measurements are relative. They are not limited to certain time frames but flexible. This is website age is in search engine optimization. During the first 3 months since your website is indexed by Google, Google sort of creates a probation period. After a few months, there is not a lot of difference. The first three months, your website is not ranking high on search engines. This may be a drawback but as a beginner, it is the best to work on other factors of your blog. Then your audience will build up eventually. It does not matter if Google ranks you higher when all you have on your website is incomplete information. Then in the long term, a website that is 6 months old is not very different from a website that is 12 months old.

How to see if your website is indexed and the domain age of your website?

Both of these tools are important takeaways of this blog post. To check if your website was indexed by Google, you just need to make a Google search. Type the word site then add a colon. Follow that with the URL of your website. Here is an example:

All the pages of your website that are indexed by Google will be show in the results. It should show multiple pages. To check the domain age of your website, you can use an online domain age checker tool. On the tool, share with it the URL of your website and it will do the rest.

age of website

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