Identity Theft Protection Ideas For Everyone

Identity Theft Protection Ideas For Everyone

Identity theft protection is gaining prominence in modern day digital age with more and more solutions being released to prevent naive online users from falling a prey to online identity theft. With every fraud prevention tool claiming to be the Best identity theft protection solution, it becomes really hard for individuals to choose from a vast list of identity theft protection software. But if you are slightly careful and be mindful of using some common identity theft prevention tricks, you will hardly require any assistance from any identity theft prevention solution. Below are few identity theft protection ideas that are found to be highly successful and substantially reduce the overall danger of becoming a victim of identity theft.


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Use Strong Passwords


This is identity theft protection - 101. You need to have sophisticated and smart passwords. Yourself cannot protect your identity and neither can the most heavy duty identity theft protection software if you are still stuck with passwords that were not safe even in 2004. we must have at least 2-3 different passwords for all of your services, logins, IDs and other precious personal credentials. Because passwords are like eggs, and it is never safe to put all of them in one basket. You have to use all the available character formats that are allowed by a service.

Most common practices for safe passwords require a combination of alphabets and numerals, in addition to capitalization of few core characters.


Never Share Your Identity, Casually


Make sure that your personal information and credentials are not easy to get access to. Be specifically careful in sharing information over public use Wi-Fi and computer devices. In the most urgent cases, ensure that you are using an incognito mode of a browser so that when you close the window, all the personal information is deleted from the system.

Do refrain from sharing your personal information to a caller who claims to be a representative from your bank or credit card company. Even if they have the original phone number, do not share your personal information or financial credentials as almost all of the times, such phone calls are bogus attempts of stealing your identity.


Careful Browsing


While you are on the internet, try to be discreet while you are opening a link or filling out an information form. In most of the cases, your system or mobile device will prompt you in case an application or software tries to access areas of your identity that are not usually required for the functioning of an app or software. Identity theft protection was in a real danger for a while because of credible emails that were able to pass the Spam filters and carried links to malicious websites, leading to online identity theft.


There are some of the best identity theft protection available on cyberspace in the form of Shufti Pro that performs facial verification, document verification, address verification, and 2-factor authentication. But they are more suited to the needs and interests of online businesses. Individual users can easily protect their identity and credentials by adopting small things - some of which are mentioned above - to have a wonderful online and digital experience without using an expensive Identity theft protection solution

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