Key factors to optimize your local search engine optimization

Key factors to optimize your local search engine optimization

The physical address of the company

You are part of a company working on what is called a "catchment area." This can be in a city, a department or a region. It is therefore strongly recommended to publish the physical address of your company on all pages of your website, as well as those of your social networks pages (Google +, Facebook, Twitter). People who subsequently search for both your area and your business will have a better chance of finding you.

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Coordinates, address: stay consistent on the mentions

You have made an effort to duplicate on your entire site the exact title of your address; it is not to write differently later! Admitting that you have mentioned this to your netizens "Name of the company, it would be counterproductive to mention elsewhere that your address is "Name of the company." 'Company, 8 rue de l'opéra, Paris 9th arrondissement'. Even if both addresses physically return to your office, it is very important to reformulate the same as your business wherever you put it on the web. Similarly, if you chose to attach your phone number, do it every time!

The coherence of coordinates between your site and Google + Local

Google + Local is the leading actor and tool of localized SEO. The double action performed by the social network and your website, via the mentions of your address, is, therefore, very importance of your local SEO. Remember to include the same title!

Quality and quantity of the mentions of your address outside your website

If the rules of SEO evolve enormously and quickly, the main lever of SEO remains the links or backlinks. Thus, if it is frowned upon to see its site and pages mentioned in too large quantities and without consistency, it is still essential to have a minimum of links pointing to its website on the web. Do not vacillate to take advantage of all the directories set up, whether they are related to your sector of activity, or a specific location (city, department, region). Yellow Pages are recommended for this. Similarly, negotiate with your customers, located near your company geographically, partner links or mentions on their site.

Google + Local: choosing the right categories

The local SEO tool created by Google allows you to choose multiple categories to associate with your business. The most important of all: the main category, that which will describe exactly the theme and the object of your activity. It will enable Internet users to find you directly. For the future, thanks to the secondary categories, try to build a kind of a long tail of categories, which will be as many keywords to associate with your company. Everything must be consistent so that Google and Internet users find themselves there.

Improve your local SEO via the title tag of your home page

If you already have your website, then you probably do not ignore the importance of the title tag. Short, precise, it must contain your main keyword (s) and describe exactly your activity. Especially since it is the title of this tag that will appear in the search engine result pages. So, if you're working on a specific catchment area, you need to take advantage of this tag to include the city, department, or region in which you operate. This will allow both search engines and web users to know that your business is local and where it is located.

Have a good website

All these essential factors that we give you to improve your local SEO are nothing (or almost) if you do not have a website with proper navigation so that Google robots and Internet users read it clearly, but also good content, updated regularly and some backlinks. Both are complementary and do not go without each other today for a good local SEO.

Have reviews on his Google + Local page

Social networks and how to use them have evolved a lot since their inception. If it was originally asked to go "fishing likes, subscribers and followers," the data are not the same today. The SMO (Social Media Optimization) is today a key data of SEO and takes into account above all the popularity and quality of interactions that take place on your different pages. The same goes for Google + Local. The more positive reviews you have on your page, the more popular and quality Google will judge it for better local SEO.

Where is your company located about the "centroid"?

The centroid is defined by Google, not as the center of a given city, but rather as the geographic area where most companies in the same industry are located. Thus, depending on the activity we are talking about (hair salons, bars, shoe stores), the centroid can be anywhere in a city. This one is simply given to you by Google Map. By researching your sector of activity, you will discover where you are: inside the centroid, or outside.

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