Multiple Registrations With GSTConsultants In India

Multiple Registrations With GSTConsultants In India

Have you already completed the formalities of GST registration, but yet to handle the
registration in the other states? You may have to complete the registration formalities with the other states as well. While operations in a single state restrict your registration in one state, you must also understand the registration process in the multiple states if you are planning to spread your branches. Without a proper physical presence in the other states but still rendering your services in those states, the registration process can be completed in the headquarters or in the state where you have a physical presence. With a physical presence in different states of this country, you are bound to complete the multi-registration procedure in different states. If you have business in different states or in all the states of this country, you must obtain the registration of GST in all those states.


Businesses in different states

You must know how registration of GST follows in different states and Union Territories in this

  •  As pr the CGST Act, the suppliers of those goods and services that are taxable must complete the registration of GST in the Union Territory or the state from which the supply services is followed.

  •  It is only when you consult the GST service providers in India that you come to know about the special provisions are present in the GST Act for obtaining the registration related to the branches.

  • The GST registration should be obtained as applicable to the state or the Union Territory by the taxable person from the area of the supply of the taxable good or service. For instance, you may have a restaurant business in Kolkata but keen to open two more branches in Delhi and Haryana, you will have to go through the registration formality in the new states as the business will have a physical presence in those two places.

  • The first two numbers you obtain for GSTIN are related to the state registration but if the business has operations in two other states as well, the first two numbers will differ for those two states although the PAN would remain the same.

  • When GST registration in one state exceeds, the code for the entity would also undergo a change.

Branches within the state and registration

For all those businesses with different business verticals within a state, you have to obtain a separate registration procedure. You have to fulfill the following conditions for obtaining GST registration for the branches present in a single state.
▪ The business must not undergo registration to pay the tax under GST Composition
▪ When a separate component of a business is engaged in the supply of those goods and services that are individual in nature, or when such goods pose risks or returns that are not similar to the businesses present in the other state, you must comply with the
procedure of registration.
▪ The businesses that register separately must pay tax for supplying the goods and
services to a vertical in another state under the same business, and issue different tax
invoice for such a supply.
▪ The GST consultants in India will provide you with the details of the registration process when you hire them to obtain the services. As a sovereign country with different powers for the states, the country shares a dual system of tax. For each transaction of goods and services which is taxable, you have to consider the prospects of CGST and SGST or IGST. Businesses in need of experts to familiarize themselves with the entire tax structure must hire experts to prevent the errors.

Overview of the process

As a service provider with operations restricted to a single state, understanding the new tax structure becomes easy. Without the hassles of complying with the regulations, you can get more input tax credits. However, the scenario changes completely for those businesses with operations in different states. Presuming, that most businesses would prefer spreading their branches in different states, they may have to grapple with new systems. Quite naturally, GST service providers in Delhi NCR would provide the right kind of support that the businesses in Delhi need to understand and or when they need to come to terms with the new tax system. Many of them are yet to become familiar what tax they need to pay.

Eliminating the confusion

The implementation of GST has led to unending confusion while handling the issues of multiple registration state wise. What are the conditions leading the service provider to look at the multi-state registration procedure? Take a glance at the following points.

  • If you provide services in different states, you may not require registering in those
    states. Complying with the tax structure is only required when you have operations in those states.

When you are keen to provide service in different states and set up your store or office in those states as well, the registration formalities would change. Finding out from GST consulting firms in India will help you understand the procedure properly. For instance, you may have business in Chennai and want to sell your products and services in Haryana and Delhi you may also need to set offices in those cities. The chances are that you will employ people to tackle the operations in those cities without you to move there frequently to handle the issues. For offices in different cities, you need an expert to help you understand the system of multiple registrations. Whether to understand the issue of tax invoices or the regulatory compliances in those states, asking the GST consultants for help will allow you know how to break down thetax into the relevant states.

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