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Start a Snacks Business - step by step Guide

For many, opening a snack shop or company is a long-cherished dream that they never put into action. Too big is the fear of the challenge and the financial uncertainties that arise from self-employment.

Snacks Business

1. from idea to planning to implementation

Here are the most important tips and suggestions to finally make your dream a reality. Although the journey to your own snack is hard work and requires a good deal of courage and enthusiasm, it may well be worth it later.

If you can make sure your snack is going well, you will have a guaranteed income that can easily be several thousand Euros a month. In addition, you are your own boss and have more freedom in shaping your life. Once you can afford to work for a coworker, you do not have to work as much as in the initial phase, which will increase your quality of life.

You should answer the following questions for yourself before moving on from the idea to a snack in the planning phase:

  • What is my financial situation?

  • Do I have enough seed money and collateral to start my own business?

  • Do I want to spend every day in direct contact with the customer?

  • Am I prepared to deal with regulations, laws and authorities?

  • Do I have enough leadership skills to guide people constructively?

  • What exactly are my goals and what concrete steps must be taken to achieve them?

Revenue calculation:

To estimate the sales you will make with your snack stall, you should know your fixed costs. The fixed costs consist of the rent for the stand, the use of goods and the personnel costs. After deducting the fixed cost of sales, there should still be enough revenue at the end of the month so you can earn a living.

2. The successful opening of the snack

Many people fail due to self-employment because they have misconceptions about their daily work and because they do not plan their project sufficiently. In order to succeed as a food service operator, you need to focus on your product in addition to all the administrative matters. After all, that's what you'll be earning a living for in the future.

Therefore, when opening a snack, one thing counts above all: the quality of the product. Make sure that you can really prepare the food you offer. In addition, you should look for good suppliers for the goods in order to ensure a consistently good quality of the products. You should also consider whether you want to buy the goods almost ready cooked or whether you also want to cook yourself.

With a delivery snack boxes you are of course more flexible in terms of location. But even in this case, it is worth taking a closer look at possible locations. For example, you could make sure that you set up your snack stand near schools or businesses without a canteen.

3. Administrative Affairs

Once you've made the decision to really start a snack, there are a number of administrative tasks that need to be done in a timely manner. To get started, you must apply for a trade license at the tax office. At the tax office, you must also specify whether you want to operate your future business full-time or part-time.

Especially in the early days it can be beneficial to run the snack on a part-time basis so that you can still earn a regular income and work on building your business without too much financial worries.

If you need to apply for a credit to open your snack, be aware that about 25% of this amount is equity.

4. Obligations of a snack holder

Before you can open your snack, you must ensure that the minimum legal requirements for a snack are met. This includes training in food hygiene. As a food service operator you are also responsible for the quality and fresh preparation of your products.

5. Nothing works without marketing

Even if your takeaway is mainly run by patrons, you should not miss out on marketing. As you publicize your food stand, you'll be more noticeable in the crowd and more people will stop and buy something from you. So that people stop at their snack and eat or drink something, you should make the exterior of your stand interesting.

You can hang posters and menus. Also offers and price tags, which can be read from a distance, attract customers.

Especially if your food stall specializes in certain niche products (for example vegan food) or if your location is a little out of the way, it pays to set up a website. On the website you can introduce yourself and your team as well as your products. You can also post photos of the food and your food stand on your website. It's also best to explain how customers find your snack.

Snacks Business

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