Top 7 Longest Runways In The World

Top 7 Longest Runways In The World

Do you love to travel? Do you love to travel specifically by air? If yes, you may be interested in knowing some interesting facts related to the airport or runways. International Civil Aviation Organisation defines runway as, “rectangular area on a land aerodrome prepared for landing or takeoff of aircraft”. Here we take a look at the top 7 longest runways in the world. They are HUGE, much above the standard length, and would leave you awestruck! There are many airports which have their own history and uniqueness. There are many runways which are very dangerous while some others are really delight to watch. Here, through this article, we shall bring out some of the runways which are really huge and interesting to talk about. Let’s check it out!

QamdoBamda Airport (China)

Also known as ChangduBangda Airport, it is situated in Qamdo, Tibet, China. Formerly tagged as the highest airport in the world, it stands at an elevation of 4344m above the sea level. But it still holds the tag of longest publicly used paved runway in the world at 5.5 km (5500m).

Ramenskoye Airport (Russia)

The fourth international airport of Moscow, Russia. Situated in the town of Zhukovsky, 40km southeast from central Moscow. Though it was named after the nearby town Ramenskoye, it was changed to Zhukovsky International Airport after its original geographic location. It served as a major aircraft testing facility since the days of the cold war. It is now used for carrying cargo and the Ministry of emergency situations. It boasts of a runway which is 5402m long and is the second longest public used runway in the world. Among with that you must aware of Stag Do Activities You Can Do in Amsterdam.

Istres-Le Tube Air Base (France)

A military base, used by the French air force. It is located near Istres, northwest region of Marseille, France. The base is also utilised as a repair and training facility and also has its own helicopter squadron. The length of the runway is 5402m. Home to more than 5000 personnel, it is also consisting aeronautical division of the French navy.

Top 7 Longest Runways In The World

Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport (Russia)

Located 28km towards northeast of Ulyanovsk, Russia. The length of the runway is 5000 metres and is also the third longest runway for public use in the world. It is also the widest, consisting of a total width of 105 metres. Founded in 1983, it is mainly used for cargo purpose and was founded as a test site for a neighbouring Aviastar plant. Another added feature is a really long taxiway.

Shigatse Peace Airport (China)

Also known as Xiagse Air Base, it is a dual used military cum civilian airport. It serves Xiagse, the second largest city in Tibet. Though it is located 43kms from Xiagse, in Jiandantownship, it satnds at an elevation of 3782m. Until 2010 it was only used for military exercises. It was opened for civilian use only on 30th October, 2010.

Embraer UnidadeGaviaoPeixoto Airport (Brazil)

A private airport of Embraer, it is located near GaviaoPeixoto, Brazil. Its main function is to test and run civil and military aircraft. It boasts of a length of 4967m. If you wish to have glimpse of scenic beaches like best beaches in Mauritius, you must visit Brazil and while in air just have a aeral view which will mesmerize you for sure!.

Upington Airport (South Africa)

It has one of the longest runways in the world at 4900 m. The extreme length is due to the fact it is situated at an elevated area and also home to extreme summer climate. It is located at Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa and was designed mainly for the Boeing 747. Are you curious to visit these place? Sure! You should be because it will add to your memory. Just enjoy the travel via air and keep updated!!

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