Top SEO Tips To Utilize SEO Tools For The Improvement Of your Business

Top SEO Tips To Utilize SEO Tools For The Improvement Of your Business

SEO Tools are the essential part of SEO optimization for any website. Let us get a consolidated concept on SEO. The abbreviation for these three letters SEO is search engine optimization. You might know well the term, there are main two kinds of SEOs one is On-Page and the other one is Off-page. Both have important role in ranking your website. On page is the kind of SEO that is totally in your control as you would optimize your content according to the factors that could possibly effect your ranking in SERPs. If it is an affiliate content with some best products reviews, you should look some other aspects as well beyond the optimization. Later in this article I will explain the aspects in detail with the SEO tools.

Top SEO Tips

The tools I am bringing in this list might be well known to you, but I do not know how you guys utilize these tools to analyses your own website and the competitors’ sites to explore the techniques to rank on Google top SERP. Let us jump into the tools and explore the way of use.

Best Free SEO Tools

I am starting with the tools and tricks for its utilization that could take your SEO experience to the next level. Well, I would also share some pro tips to reveal the tricks you should know about these tools. I will let you guys give you the main two tools first which are essential in the creation of content.

Google Suggest For Keyword Research

For an optimized content you would need some research to find out which keyword should be better for your website and ranking. I always suggest this tool because the core Algorithm of Google launched this tool to collect the user experience and suggest the same to other users. So the trick behind this tool is it would suggest you what other users are looking for. When it suggests it means the phrase is already searched by other users and Google like this phrase. If Google already like the phrase than how it is possible that Google would not rank it on top.

Google Keyword Planner

You should keep in mind that SEO is the game of setting up the keywords and phrases which are relevant to your niche. Of course, don’t forget about the region of your target for the business you are running online. Remember, Google Keyword planner is a free tool that would give you the idea of keywords and also the cost per click, its click through rate and the competition of the keyword. Keep in mind that always choose wisely. Setup the target area according to your niche and search for low competition keywords. The low competition keywords would rank fast on Google. I am not saying that you should not put any high competition keywords in your content. You should include the keywords that are relevant with your niche. But your main focus should be low competition. Ubersuggest bu Neil Patel is also a good one free tool that can give you new ideas in keywords and also the ranking difficulty level of the keyword to understand the SEO game setup.

Tips For Creating Content

Well, it is a fact and quote is well known. Content is a king. If you really want to get on top of the Google SERP, you have to forget about the duplicate content. A well research content would rank on top with on page SEO. Every niche has its own nature of content, I experienced the field of tech gadgets and the ranking factors for it. One of the top most ranking factor is creation of fresh content. I agree with the fact that creating fresh content is a time consuming and hectic job to do. But I would suggest you to write or create fresh content even it costs you more than 15 days in a month. I believe that a single fresh created content with well research is better than hundred copied contents. You should be specific about the topic and read more in depth to explore the thing in detail.

SemRush SEO Analyses Tool

Well, the tool is allowing you to get a 5 domain analyses in 24 hours, so it is not fully free but there is a portion that could give some valuable information about your website. As I said I would explain the content relevancy in the tools. By the analyses of your website you would find your competitors list as a report. You shout look for the competitors’ content and the back links your competitor could avail. Yes, it is a pro tip to utilize the tool. Analyze your competitor and try to implement the things your competitor is practicing. You would need three months to do different things with On page and Off page SEO.


I am not saying that what I wrote in this post is enough to understand the SEO and the tools I mentioned are enough. There are tools that would need you to pay for the services, if you could pay you can find many tools. In paid tools I would suggest the Ahrefs and it is one of the most powerful and fast tool for SEO analysis. If you compare SemRush with Ahrefs, the later one is way good then SemRush. But Ahrefs is paid and not even offering any free trail, you have to pay for a single anaylsis, you can only find Ahrefs' Free Backlink Checker. Well, you would also have heard about Moz. Moz is a sole SEO tool that is recognized by Google search engines. You would have some free analyses options on Moz like keyword research tool and site explorer with some limited options. Majestic SEO is another one that can give you some free options. Neil Patel on its website also have an SEO analyses tool that is free and give you authentic information, but the tool algo is still slow as compared to Ahrefs.

Top SEO Tips

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