When we are about to become parents, we are often drowned by too much information. Which stroller to choose? Should I buy a sterilizer for baby bottles? Should we buy the latest deckchair? Etc.,


I had already written in this article, but when I was pregnant with Martin, I had pretty bad experience all the (fake) advice coming from all sides, as well specialized sites as the media or even (and especially!) of my entourage. The truth is that everyone goes on their little advice to tell you what you MUST ABSOLUTELY buy for the arrival of your baby, even before you have really realized what happens to you. It is really very hard to sort through the mass of information, especially since your final choice must depend on your lifestyle, your needs but also your budget. It is true that CAF usually pays a birth bonus to future parents (unless you exceed the ceiling of resources) but it is not always enough to cover all the expenses generated by the arrival of a first baby to the House.

So obviously, there are purchases you can’t escape such as the cot, the car seat, bottles if you do not breastfeed, the stroller (and again, I know parents who love portage that go without willingly) ... But otherwise, there are many other things that we try to sell as indispensable when it is not really. Again, everything will depend on your needs and your desires but also your baby. And precisely, it's hard to know in advance what will please your baby or not!

My best example? For Martin, the deckchair was clearly part of my essentials, I could not have done without it. So practical to put baby after his baby bottle or during his waking hours. At the time we bought BEABA's Up & Down deckchair which we thought was great and Martin loved to stay there. He fell asleep even inside! With my kid, the deckchair spent 6 months in a corner of the living room without ever serving, he never deigned to stay more than a few minutes without crying ... He preferred my arms and especially the wrap!

Pajamas that slip easily

At first you will change your baby at least 6 or 7 times a day... including at night! And at night, do you want to fight with 12,000 pajama push buttons to close? Me no! I advise you to invest in pajamas practical to put on, if possible without pressure button. I grant you, they are hard to find in the trade, which is a total aberration!

A few weeks before kid's birth, I received an email from the brand (mydeal) Australia asking me to test its new range of baby pajamas designed "for real life". There is no press button on Comet pajamas but a simple zipper. You can also choose to leave baby's feet on the air or not, convenient when baby starts to stand up. To make sure you do not waste anything, (My deal) Australia pajamas are made of organic cotton and of impeccable quality.

A dresser with a stable and practical changing table

7 years ago, we bought a chest of drawers with a changing table on the Bon Coin. I loved it for its stability and storage capacity but I must admit that she took a crazy place in her small room. I love being able to store clothes under the changing plan so for me, the dresser is really practical. At least we have all the baby clothes on hand when we put baby on his changing table, it avoids having to prepare everything in advance. But I grant you, it takes a little space (which everyone does not have) and it's not the same budget as a simple plan to change. I know that many do not like dressers because drawers can be dangerous once children grow up (be careful with fingers!) But personally,

All the things my two babies had in a dresser: clothes, diapers, bed linens and care products on the changing table. Being able to group everything in the same place is essential for me, who tends to disperse quickly.

For the birth of Basil, I had been looking for months a dresser with a changing plan installed in the length of the dresser and not face as is the case for most dressers sold with plan. I ended up setting my sights on the dresser of the Norwegian brand STOKKE, which I do not regret even if it cost us an arm! For me this furniture is a must: large storage capacity, strength, small size, space saving and nice design. It is clear that the brand attaches great importance to making furniture that perfectly meet the needs of parents, durable and attractive!

A stable highchair (which is easy to clean ...)

From the moment when baby can sit alone and begins to eat purees, the high chair becomes indispensable! For Martin, we had the Marcel chair, a cult model from Compelled but that I did not find very practical. Indeed, I do not find it fit enough and I think it does not keep enough children sitting, they tend to twitch a little and it did not secure me at all.

I had the idea to buy a basic high chair at Ikea at the unbeatable value for money but the brand STOKKE offered me to test the Tripp Trapp chair which has the principle of being scalable. It can be suitable from birth with the newborn set then from 6 months with the high chair kit. Then it can be used also for older children and even adults (troubleshooting). It's a bit expensive to buy, of course, say that all kits put end to end are a budget but it is a great investment. We have not voluntarily ordered the plastic tray that clings to the chair, I think it takes up space and I like to use my kitchen table. In any case, Basil loves to participate in our meals.

A changing bag adapted to your lifestyle

Ahhhh the quest for the famous bag to change ... Sometimes the search for the grail for some! For Martin, I used a navy blue diaper bag with a big blue pastel teddy that my sister-in-law kindly gave me. I loved it, it was so convenient! But not necessarily very stylish if you know what I mean (because the blue teddy, precisely). As I had to buy a changing bag, my old being really worn, I had in mind to invest in a model really nice and adapted to my lifestyle in Paris and very urban.

I had in mind this post from Mathilde Lacombe who presented the Josefina bag as a key for her. And there absolute BLOW OF HEART, I put a lot of time before cracking because it represents a consequent budget but I do not regret absolutely my purchase, especially since I bought it on the Good Coin then that he had hardly served. I chose the average model that is enough for my short Parisian trips. I can slide two bottles, Basil's milk, a few layers, my phone, wipes, my wallet.... In short, everything needed to change a baby in addition to my own business.

Also on the advice of Mathilde, I opted for a change mat Nappies synthetic leather that cleans with a sponge. Because the cloth mats are nice but we must wash them often and frankly, if we can avoid an extra chore ... I chose the mini version in navy blue.

When I go out for a walk with the stroller, the Josefina serves me as a handbag, I do not take any other bag. But above all, I feel confident because it does not look too much like a diaper bag ... We say what we want but it is an important detail when we like fashion like me!

Swaddling clothes, swaddling clothes

And finally, the swaddling clothes ... Clearly, they are essential if, like me, you had the chance to have a baby GERD regurgitating all day long. For Martin, I had bought tons that had never served me so for Basil I had bought only a few, just in case ... So much to tell you that I quickly ordered to stock so they m 'have been helpful.

Like many bloggers, my favorite diapers come from my deal, especially for large format diapers that I find very soft, it's incomparable, I had completely cracked for the golden metal collection.

For small formats, I am an absolute fan of Annabel Kern mini square diapers, so cute with the little tassel and can be used as a blanket thanks to their mini format. It's really a must for me, besides they are often out of stock...

A small foldable plastic bathtub

For my other kid, we had bought a bathtub that took up all the space in the bathroom. At the time, we did not know that there were folding bathtubs (or maybe it did not exist yet, you know!). In any case, for kid we opted for the bath STOKKE Flexi Bath which has the great advantage of folding flat and can be stored on the edge of the bath, against a wall or in the closet at the exit of bath. We also carried it everywhere this summer since it fits easily in the trunk of the car!

Again, it's a great buy that I do not regret!

A baby sling or baby carrier

Even if you are investing in a good stroller, you will sooner or later need a baby carrier or a baby sling to travel, take public transportation, or carry a baby with reflux.

Of course, you can do without (like everything else for that matter!) But without a wrap, I do not know how I would have done the first months! I also use a lot of my Ergo baby carrier for longer distances or when I have to leave for a long time.

To learn more and to make deal for best baby and kids online products, come at my deal and also you can read or reread my article on porting. My deal is offering a huge list about baby and kids products all kind that a mother needs.

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