Netgear Router A complete configuration guide for your device

Netgear Router: A complete configuration guide for your device

Netgear Routers are known for their flawless performance worldwide. Once installed and configured properly they keep on performing endlessly and hassle free. In order to manage Netgear router’s settings, the user needs to access Netgear Router Login page. There are dozens of settings which help you operate and manage your router in the best possible ways. Settings like statistics for your connection, bandwidth, parental control, DNS help you get the most out of your router. To access all these settings, log in to it using link.

How to login to Netgear Router

Following steps are given to log in to your router. To perform this, you will require a laptop with an Ethernet cable or smartphone with wifi option to connect with it.

1. Use an Ethernet cable and connect your laptop with your router or use smartphone and connect with wifi.
2. Once any of your devices gets connected, open an internet browser in it.
3. Access any of the following links:, or
Note:- If you receive an error while attempting to access Netgear Router Login Page, then clear browser’s cache, cookies etc and try accessing again.
4. An admin panel page will appear on your screen.
5. It will ask you to enter your Admin ID and password.
6. Fill in the required details using default credentials which are ‘admin’ (username) and ‘password’ (password).
7. Hit ‘Login’ button and login to the page.
Note:-  In case, if you see a software update pop-up then finish it and login again. Updating software is a good practice as the manufacturer keep on improvising to optimize users performance.
This is how you can easily land on the router’s setting page. Now, customize the settings as per your own requirement and have a smooth, hassle-free experience.

What subsection you will see on the left pane

Once you login to your account, you will see a list of subsections which help you improve your router’s performance. Have a look at a few of them.
Home:- With this option, you can check the basic statistics for your connection. Moreover, you will be able to see Wifi name (SSID) and password, number of devices connected, parental control as well as the strength of your connection.
Internet:- Here, you can configure various settings including DNS address, IP selection etc. You can also change your DNS if your internet is slower than expected.
Change password:- In case, if you want to change your password then do this from here. Enter the new password in the passphrase and save changes.  
Change operational channel and maximize bandwidth: - It is used to maximize your internet speed. Furthermore, you can control your data usage by limiting bandwidth.
Parental control:- With this option, parents can monitor internet activity and control content for their children. Some particular websites can also be blocked using this option.   
These are some of the basic settings which can be customized as per user’s preference. You can manage and control all your router’s setting through this Netgear Router Login page and make your internet experience more reliable & secure. For further information, you can read user’s manual guide.
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