Starvation As A Diet Plan

Starvation As A Diet Plan

People ask me all the time, “Isn’t weight loss as simple as eating less and exercising more?”  Well yes and no, it really isn’t that simple.  Eating the right foods is much more important that eating less food and a starvation diet can and usually does backfire and the starving person usually ends up gaining more weight than they started with.
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Fat Burning Process is Slowed by Starvation

Your body needs the nutrients in food to operate effectively.  But your body is also amazing in that when you starve it and deprive it of essential nutrients, it adjusts and slows the metabolism.  Then when you do eat your body stores fat so that it has the fuel it needs in case of another starvation period.

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In addition, weight lose by starvation doesn’t look healthy and it is not healthy for the body.  When your body is lacking fuel through food consumption, it will feed on your muscle mass for the nutrients it needs.  This is not good for weight loss because muscle mass burns calories faster.

Starvation Diet Don’t Last

When you do begin eating again, your body will have adjusted and the metabolism slowed.  This is especially true if your muscle mass has decreased.  This is the main factor why many people experience short lived fat loss and end up gaining the weight back and then some.


The Metabolism and Overall Health of the Body is Worse Than Before the Starvation Diet.
The body requires many essential nutrients to function.  Without these nutrients many of the main organs can fail.  In order to protect this from happening, the body will feed upon muscle mass.  Once muscle mass is depleted the organs are vulnerable.  Many bad health effects can result from this, such as kidney failure, fatigue, and osteoporosis.

Losing Weight Healthily Requires a Healthy Diet

If you are trying to lose weight then you can still eat great foods.  In fact, just eat the right foods and you can lose weight, feel great, and have vibrant energy of a healthy individual.
Having a plan and guide is important to losing weight.  Let the Diet Solution Program be your guide to a healthy and slimmer you!

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