Apps in Your iPhone to Stay Fit and Healthy

Apps in Your iPhone to Stay Fit and Healthy

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Apps in Your iPhone to Stay Fit

Want to lose weight or just want to get in shape? Here are some new health and fitness Apps for your iPhone 5 which will help you to lose weight and burn calories, to get in shape or to choose the right food for you. With the latest iOS 6, some new iPhone Apps are arising that are harmonious with the new operating system. Before now, people who were taking advantage of fitness and health Apps in the Apple devices can use the upgraded and new Apps on their iPhone 5. Here are some new fitness and health Apps for iPhone 5.

Lose It

It is a free App. If u want to lose some pounds and want to maintain your weight, iPhone can help you a lot with its right App. Lose It is one of those Apps which will help you lose and maintain weight. After starting the App, the Application will ask some basic question to you about your age, height, weight how much weight you want to lose(if any). It will then suggest a calorie intake for the user to strive for depending on how much calories you eat and how much calories you burn by exercising. This App has a barcode planner by which the user can see if the user is getting too many calories or too few calories from protein, fat etc.


Don’t want to spend money on run-tracking system? Then runkeeper is the solution for you. It is a free iPhone 5 App which uses the GPS for map run of yours and gives info on the speed and distance while you run. You can set the pace and this App will train you through the headphones when you are running. Runkeeper can also give you audio updates during the run of yours telling the distance and time. The cool part of this App is that is has integration of music also so that you can listen to the favorite songs while running and also can switch track even without leaving the App.

All-in Yoga

Inthis App you will find more than 300 stances of yoga with the photo, audio guides and video. Other than this you will find three-dimensional models of muscle for all pose mentioned. Some ready to use yoga programs are also there. You can also create your own program and can add for change from one stance to another. And the best thing is that all things are free in this App. If you want more yoga programs with more facilities, you have to upgrade to premium content.

Nike Training Club

this App is more like a personal celebrity trainer. Here you will find almost hundred custom workouts that can be deal with professional athlete workout of 15 minutes or a 45 minutes full body workout. Exclusive workouts are there in Nike Training Club from some celebrities. It is also possible here to track all the details of your workout.

So if you want to be in shape or want to lose your weight, your iPhone 5 can help you in a great way with the help of these applications. Whether you are a seasoned marathon trainer or just starting out, you will cherish those Apps. If you want to work out at home these Apps are just perfect for you.
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