Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

Corrective vision surgery has freed more than a million people across the UK from the daily routine of contact lens use, or the annual expense of new eyeglasses. However, while surgery gives many a new lease on life, the recovery process can be uncomfortable for some patients. But what if there was a way to recover from corrective vision surgery in style? Shake off the discomfort of recovery with these five tips that make the process as comfortable as possible

Eye Surgery

It seems like every 21st century residence includes at least one smartphone and tablets are becoming increasingly prevalent. As these devices become more and more popular, apps are being developed that can be useful to patients recovering from laser eye surgery. These apps can help keep patients entertained during the recovery process and take their mind off of any discomfort they are feeling.

Audio Books

Immediately after laser eye surgery, patients will experience blurry vision and some discomfort in their eyes. Focusing on screens is not advised, so tablet and PC use should be avoided. However, audio books are big business for app developers and there are several options that can offer entertainment and the chance to just kick back and listen to a good story.
Audiobooks Premium, available on iPhone and iPad, is just one example of an audiobook app. This particular app offers 5,154 classic books in an audio format,which patients can enjoy with their eyes closed.

Radio Apps

There are a seemingly limitless number of radio apps available for Android and iOS device users. During the first hours of recovery, most patients may want to do little more than relax with their eyes closed. For those who find sleep elusive during that time, a radio app on their smartphone or tablet can help pass the time.
Aside from radio apps directly from particular stations and communication groups, there are apps such as iBlink Radio, SoundHound, and Pandora, which offer hours of music from various genres. There is something for every music fan, courtesy of these apps.

Word and Puzzle Apps

Once patients are experiencing less irritation from their laser eye surgery, they can really begin to enjoy some time-consuming apps to keep them occupied during recovery. Word and puzzle games require little eye focus, but challenge the mind and help pass the time. Words with Friends is one of the most popular word games out there right now, but it’s not the only option.
Examples of other word and puzzle apps include Seven Little Words (a collection of crossword puzzle and other word games) and Moxie, which offers word transformation challenges to the user.

Interactive Apps

There are also apps that require interaction from users to drive the entertainment and many offer voice-over technologies, designed for the visually impaired, that can come in handy for patients recovering from laser eye surgery.
Two examples of interactive apps include Aurifi and Frotz. Aurifi is a reaction-based game that requires headphones to play. Users follow audio commands and must react by moving their device to drive the story. Frotz is a challenging brain-game that includes various fictional games, with some based around mystery and spy stories, for example.

Classic Card Games and Board Games

There are numerous apps offering classic games, such as solitaire, war, checkers and chess on mobile devices. However, more and more developers are offering these games in apps that include voice-over technology to aid the visually impaired.
Examples of classic games with voice-over technology include King’s Corner and Chess-wise. King’s Corner is a quick card game with a simple goal: place cards on the board until there is a king in each corner. Chess-wise offers the challenge of chess with adjustable settings and games to accommodate beginners and professionals alike.
There is no need to be bored while stuck in bed, or on the couch, recovering from surgery. Pick up that smartphone or tablet before your procedure and download some of the apps mentioned above and recover in style after surgery.
Faith Edwards is an eye care consultant. She enjoys sharing her tips and insights through blogging.

Enjoying Your Aftercare: Five Ways to Recover from Laser Eye Surgery in Style

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